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Ronnies House

 "Our mistakes do not define us, take the first step and make the right choices."

Ronnie Senegal (July 29, 1972 to June 12, 2016)

Every year, over 600,000 people are released from prison with 48,000 laws stacked against them, making it challenging to get housing, jobs, trade licenses, education, and basic social services. The recidivism rate in California is 50% to 75% due to the lack of rehabilitation behind prison walls and upon release.

Challenges navigating and accessing resources make it even more challenging. Reentry Keys wants to change that. 

Reentry Keys is a hub that brings together service providers, government agencies, workforce centers, communities to provide our Justice impacted community the resources, education, empowerment, and networking they need to recover and build a successful comeback plan. 

When we support our Justice Impacted brothers and sisters, we help families and decrease kids' chances to follow in their footsteps. Kids with incarcerated parents have a 60% higher chance of going to prison. 

Reentry Keys:

  • Our 24-hour Hotline - To direct you to the right resource for your success after incarceration. 
  • 4800 Resources
  • Access to Resiliency Coaches -  Who are available for one-on-one coaching sessions in relationships, housing opportunities, special need resource accessibility, entrepreneurship, etc. To schedule your coaching call visit : 
  • Mental health, Housing, Workforce, Foster Care, LGBQT Resources
  • Blogs, videos, job posting area, event posting area
  • Access to get your basics, such as ID, Passport, Birth Certificate 

Ronnie's House created Reentry Keys, a 501c3 dedicated to the life of Ronnie Senegal and founded by his widow, Shirin Senegal. Ronnie Senegal lost his life to gun violence in 2016, and

Ronnie and Shirin Senegal first conceived Reentry Keys before Ronnie Senegal's Passing.   

Ronnie Senegal overcame many years of incarceration and turned his life around after prison to become a businessman, author, and community advocate for foster children, seniors, and individuals impacted by Justice like himself.   At the age of 29, while in the LA Men's Central Jail, Ronnie' Senegal was charged with a three-strikes case after a fight with an inmate. The District Attorney offered Ronnie 25 years, he turned down and represented himself, facing 45 years to life if he lost.  

Like many others who have been incarcerated, Ronnie experiences mental health and other traumatic challenges. This can be due to bad and inhuman experiences inside prison, childhood, or a combination of both. 

Transforming LA  

Reentry Keys is made possible through support from the County of Los Angeles and Community Partners. Ronnie's House is a recipient of the Transforming LA initiative that supports and fosters the growth of community-based organizations that can create additional access points to mental health services to historically unserved, underserved, and hard-to-reach communities. 

For more information on Transforming LA visit https://communitypartners.org/transforming-la-through-partnership.

Ronnie's House

Ronnie's House is a 501c(3) located in Long Beach, California. Our mission is to create inclusion and equity opportunities for youth, minority and women-owned businesses, and formerly incarcerated individuals.

Our organization is a leader in small business development and mental health support in Long Beach. 

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